For help and support you can always contact me using the contact form. I will do my best to answer your question. For help with your installation and configuration of the component directly in your Joomla backend, you must have a valid license of the PRO version.

Visit the FAQ and documentation first!

Before you write to me, please visit the FAQ and documentation pages. Perhaps someone else has already had the same problem before you. In this case you will find the solution to your problem on one of these pages. For questions, which are already answered on these pages, I will only send you back a link to this solution.

Send your system information

If you decide to contact me for support, please send me your system information. This will enable me to reproduce your problem on my testing system and to resolve it if necessary. The following system information should be delivered:

  • Joomla version
  • PHP version
  • Type and version of the web server (Apache, Nginx, Microsoft IIS, LiteSpeed,...)
  • further, problem specific information