Notes on the demo

The demo conforms to version 1.6.0 (PRO).

To test all functions, use the available logins (doorkeeper, author, manager).
Password and user name are identical for these logins.

Note on restricted access

The single message No.19 by Anette Gomez is only accessible to website visitors in a restricted version. In the restricted version, only the event and the name of the owner are visible. All the other information is not loaded. You now have the following options to gain access to the unrestricted version:

  • Website login matches the owner of the message.
    If the person was logged in to the website at the time she submitted the report, she will have full access to her own reports as soon as she is logged in again.
  • With the QR code from the PDF confirmation.
    After successfully submitting a message, the individual message view is accessible to itself without restriction for one browser session. During this time, a PDF confirmation of the message can be downloaded. The QR code in this confirmation gives unrestricted access to the message again.
    (If configured accordingly, the PDF confirmation with QR code is sent to the submitter by e-mail after successful submit.)
  • Account with suitable permissions.
    The ACL can be used to authorise individual user groups for unrestricted access.
    (The logins doorkeeper, author and manager have this authorisation)
  • Resubmit a message.
    If you submit a message whose identification information (name, firstname, date of birth, address) matches previously submitted messages, a conflict notification will appear. The system has detected that this person has already submitted message(s). In this conflict notification, a message can be selected and opened by the "Open existing message" button. This gives you unrestricted access to this message again for one browser session.
Restricted access
Submitted by Annette Gomez
Submission date: 01.09.2020 12:10
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Event category Concerts
Event title Openair at the lake
Event date 20.08.2021

Identified person

Name Gomez
Firstname Annette

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