If you miss a certain feature in my component, you are welcome to share your wish via the contact form. If the feature fits into my future plans for the component, I will add it to the list for future features.


Version Log
  • AttendanceList view: Download lists as PDF, CSV or JSON
  • Add global configuartion parameters for the visibility of personal data
  • Redesigned backend views: Dashboard and Events
  • Add the Event Module to the Package
  • Improve compatibility with ECC+ Plugin
  • Download PDF version of the single message view [PRO-Only]
  • Confirmation e-mail after successful submission [PRO-Only]
  • Improved access permissions (ACL)
  • Compatibility with Helix Ultimate
  • Add language string for form view titel
  • Improved JED compliance
  • Selecting permitted character sets
  • Supported character sets: Latin,Arabic,Cyrillic,Greek,Hangul,Hiragana,Kanji,Katakana,Thai
  • Automatic deletion of expired messages [PRO-Only]
  • Notification system for outdated messages
  • Expiry date for messages (marking them as outdated)
  • Automatically fill in name and/or firstname when user is logged in [PRO-Only]
  • Visitor limit for events [PRO-Only]
  • Prefilling of form fields using GET variables
  • Sorting the messages and events in the attendance list view
  • Global setting for the date format
  • redesign and preparation of the source code for Joomla 4
  • frontend views (single message, administration) added
  • additional form-fields
  • checkin and checkout functionality added (timestamps)
  • more user-friendly frotend form behavior
  • updated language constants
  • redesign of the administration interface
  • PRO-Version added
  • update server added
  • updated language constants
  • improved frotend form behavior
  • various bug fixes
  • first public release

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