The component "AttendanceLists" is a form component for Joomla to meet the specific requirements of event organisers, especially now with Corona. It enables the organiser to request information from his event visitors which will be collected and arranged into attendance lists or presence lists for each event. You can check the lists easily online and download them as a PDF, CSV or JSON.

The form fields for recording the information / messages can be activated or deactivated individually in order to adjust the information content of the messages and to satisfy different types of event (private party, club activity, sports event, music rehearsal, concert, restaurant, bar, club). The events can not be created and administrated by this component but must be provided by an external source (Joomla article, HTML module, 3th-party extension).

Using a QR code a submitted message containing the visitor's information can be checked at the entrance and, if necessary, marked with an entrance time stamp.

The component permissions are set using Joomla's ACL (Access Control List) and are especially designed for good data protection.

Component views

Frontend form to record messages.

This view has to be arranged together with an event on the same web page (e.g. event as a module). Messages created with this view are automatically assigned to an event category and its corresponding event according to the menu settings. The form fields can be enabled or disabled individually in the menu settings.

Available form fields:

  • Firstname [PRO only]
  • Name
  • Two options (Subscription/Unsubscription)
  • Date of birth [PRO only]
  • Adress (Street,ZIP,City) [PRO only]
  • Phone number [PRO only]
  • E-Mail [PRO only]
  • Seat number [PRO only]
  • Number of people [PRO only]
  • Note field
  • Privacy checkbox

Attendance lists to view and download the submitted messages.

All messages gets arranged according to the individual events and summarized in tables. Each table can be downloaded as a PDF. CSV or JSON file. With the appropriate permissions the messages can be deleted. Thereby, all messages of the corresponding event are irreversibly deleted. The messages can be archived using the downloaded files.

View of a single message. [Available in PRO version only]

If set in the menu settings of the front end form, the system will redirect to this view after the message has been successfully submitted. The entered data can be reviewed and a QR code for this message can be downloaded. By scanning this QR code one is forwarded to the view of the correspondig message where authorised users are able to do incoming inspection (Check-In und Check-Out).

View for the administration of the submitted messages.

All messages are listed in a table. With various filter, search and sort functions a certain message can be found, edited or deleted quickly. The functionality is similar to the list view in the Joomla backend.

Reviews in the JED

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  • icon for event source

    Event source

    Event management is not part of this component. Events are automatically recognised from any source. Thus, the preferred calendar extension can still be used to manage events and enhance it with a useful feature using this component.

  • icon for data privacy

    Data processing

    Privacy by Design: The technology is designed to fullfill valid data protection.
    Privacy by Default: Data protection friendly default settings.
    Information remains at the server of the website operator. No data processing by third parties.

  • icon for form fields

    Individually configurable

    Form fields as well as the columns of the attendance list view can be activated or deactivated individually for each menu item. This way the form can be fitted to any need.

  • icon for pdf download

    PDF attendance list

    For each event where messages are submitted, an attendance list view is generated. In this view the lists can be downloaded as a PDF, CSV or JSON file.

  • icon for doorkeeper

    Incoming inspection

    Using the "single message" view and its QR code, the message and its information can be reviewed. An authorised person, e.g. doorkeeper, is able to add time stamps (check-in and check-out) to the message.

  • icon for corona virus

    Corona tracing lists

    The functions of the component makes it ideal for creating corona tracing lists. Possible applications could be small events, club activities, restaurants and bars, or sports events.